First taste of Pi

Got my Raspberry Pi up and running the other night. Didn’t do much other than make sure the wifi adapter works, go through some of the config stuff, and install gPhoto2.

Need to get things on the hardware side organized. Keyboard, mouse, HDMI cord, power adapter, and all the stuff for the camera can be a little bit to get ready just to play around.

I think once I get SSH and VNC set up I can use my iPod Touch and iPad to control the Pi.

Most of yesterday was spent getting VirtualBox, Ubuntu, and my Canon Powershot A510 hooked up to my work computer and begin experimenting with that. I’m so glad there are smarter people on the internet that can answer questions. Usually someone as already asked and answered it somewhere. Thank You.

Took a small 10 sec time lapse video yesterday just to see if it would do what I want it to and it worked perfect. Time to really get this video learning thing going.


Another Step

I have my first Raspberry Pi case made. Nothing special, a couple pieces of plexiglass with some nuts and bolts.

I found a power cord for the Pi laying around the house. I probably will have to do some of the initial set-up on an old standard def tv, since I don’t feel like getting another HDMI or HDMI to  DVI cable. That won’t be a problem.

I’m thinking of using my iPod touch as a wireless keyboard and maybe using my iPad as a screen. I could probably just use the iPad as a screen and keyboard combo, but we’ll see.

My $9 Canon A-510 seems to be taking decent pictures, really looking forward to getting some time lapse movies going. I hope the power adapter I bought will work for the camera, since it will need to be on for a few hours at a time.

Need to focus on drawing and taking pictures. Just force myself to do i when I think about it.

Got my Pi

Well my Raspberry Pi came in the mail last week. Just like everyone says, “It’s so small”.

I’m very excited to hook it up to my camera and get some time lapse going. I’m trying to resist the urge to by a bunch of stuff, to get started even though I don’t need hardly anything else to get things going.

First things first I’ll try to use a Ubuntu Virtualbox and attach the camera to my home computer and test the functions that way. I need to go through some boxes to find a plug for my camera so I don’t need to keep recharging batteries.

Not much going on with my drawing ever day. I did a couple sketches for some of the time lapse stuff I want to do, so I guess that’s something. I need to start taking some pictures soon.

Time to start getting back into shape, not that I was ever in much shape to begin with.

That’s all for now.

Keep on Truckin

Well, I didn’t Draw anything or take a Picture yesterday. But, I do consider any thing I post here, writing. So, I guess I did write something yesterday.

I takes me forever to write something down. It never seems to flow well or sound good in my head. I’m way to critical of what I put down. A simple three sentence email can take me 10 mins to write and send.

Today I will take a picture and draw something. At least I wrote something down.

A New Year

Everyone does it. Either you write it down or keep it in your head. Everyone says this year is going to be different.

Draw Something, Write Something, Take a Picture, Learn Guitar.

That is my New Year.

I hope to do something related to each of these every day.

I don’t need to spend a lot of time ever day on these things, but I need to spend some time each day.

Until Tomorrow.

Latest Research Time Sink

Well just spent about the last 45 min or hour researching another topic.

How to sneak a DSLR into a concert.

We’re thinking of going to Dave Matthews Band this summer and getting some great pics would be pretty cool.

I have a Nikon D70 and an older 70-200mm f/2.8 that could probably take some pretty good shots.

One idea my wife said she would do is wear a pregnant suit and sneak it in there.

I’ll sketch an idea and see how that would work.

Camera Collecting

It turns out I have a decent sized camera collection. In my opinion.

I set up a little basement studio to take still life pictures. What better thing to start taking pictures of than all the different cameras that I own.

Once I started looking around the house at everything we’ve put out and the stuff in the basement, it could be close to 40 film and video cameras.

I plan to start putting them on flickr and maybe posting them here.

A simple black and white sheet stapled to a dowel rod it making a pretty decent back drop, I just need to iron it again. Didn’t get out all the wrinkles the first time.

Camera Bag Research

Here’s is my latest research time sink.

I have a cheap camera bag that I purchased when I bought my first DSLR. It was around $30 and has done it’s job. Allowing me to carry my camera, lenses and some other gear with me.

One of the problems is that it’s a backpack and accessing items is kind of pain in the ass. It’s not a sling pack that can move to the front for easy access, you have to basically take it off to open it up to get to anything.

I’ve found some generic inserts that can be put into just about any bag that it will fit in, so I think I’m going to find a suitable size bag and go that route.

The problem is finding the right bag for the right price. Remember I’m a cheap ass.

I’ve settled on trying to go with the messenger bag style. Over the shoulder with large flap to access my gear.

I really want to go with a used military style bag, but with a number of options at less than $20, I have a hard time deciding on what to get.

It pisses me off that I can’t pick a $20 bag to buy, but I have no problem spending $14 on a 6-pack of beer.

Once I bite the bullet, I’ll post what I’ve done and what I think.

One App to Rule Them All

Not bloody likely.

Just like there is no “One Website to Rule Them All”.

One of my issues is I’m not online all the time. I don’t have a “Smart” phone so I don’t have internet access whenever I want. I think that would make these decisions a lot easier, since I could just access a website where ever I was. Be that at a computer or on my phone. 

I’m trying to figure out how to organize my life, time and interests.

I do have an app or 2 that work very well together and I use all the time.

Google Reader and the Reeder app for the iPad and iPod Touch.

If everything I needed worked as well as this combo I would be set.

Now here is one of my problems, I’m a cheap ass. I don’t like to pay for stuff if I don’t have to. If there is a free app that does what I need it to, that’s what I’ll use. I should probably look into paid apps that do more and do it better. I really don’t like having monthly bills, maybe an annual bill, but $5 a month for premium access to a website sounds steep, even $60 a year is a bit much to swallow. I think $30 and under is a sweet spot for premium website access for me.

2 apps the I need to find are a bookmarking and calendar app.

Ideally I would like my bookmarking and calendar app to sync between my iPad , iPod Touch and a website.

Now the search begins

My Bad Habit

I have a habit is a bit good, but probably mostly bad.

I like to reasearch stuff.

Usually whatever happens to pop into my brain at the moment. I could spend 45 minutes or more looking up hot shoe cords for a camera flash. If there weren’t so many options and opinions, my research wouldn’t take so long.

The main problem is I have to much crap popping into my brain all the time. I try to write shit down and get out of my brain, ala GTD, but I usually end up writing a lot of stuff down and then not getting to it later.

I spend way to much time trying to streamline my thought processes. How can I use technology to my advantage. It usually winds up taking more time figuring out how to make things easier and never really cutting down the time is spend looking stuff up.

I really need to focus on Getting Things Done at home. And figuring out how to make technology work for me.