I miss ResExcellence

At one time around 1998 until a few months ago, ResExcellence was the first site I would view everyday. The content was great, customize your Mac experience. Make it your own. Desktop pictures, Kaleidoscope schemes, 8.5 themes, and all sorts of software to allow you to do what you want with your machine.

The site has changed hands a couple of times since then. The last exchange seemed like it was heading in the right direction, and still does. Time (or lack of) has taken it’s tole on the Site Administrators. They’ve laid a great foundation for what can again be a daily routine for us again. Taking a static site and changing it to a dynamic CMS system doesn’t sound like an easy task. Thanks for getting things under way. I will probably start posting to the site once I get erniesthing.com up and running again.

I really miss “the good old days” of ResExcellence. Here’s hoping they make a come back.


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  1. Spike May on

    Hello there 🙂

    I know exactly how you feel, alot of people miss the good old days of Resexcellence and i can tell you.. as one of the new admin to take control of the Resexcellence torch my aim is to do just that!


    Spike May.

  2. Bob on

    Do you remember when ResEx first started?

  3. erniesthings on

    You know I don’t remember when the site started, but I started going there on a daily basis around late 1998.

    I alwasy had a wierd facination with the screenshots and how other people set up their desktops. Especially with kaleidascope and the apprearance themes.

  4. Dan on

    I miss resexcellence dearly. I am not quite as addicted nor have I ever addicted enough to stop in daily; however, when I needed to pass some time I could browse through resexcellence forever. Infact, I believe that is where I picked up most of my tools for tinkering with my mac. By the way, I’m going to school to become a software engineer. I mentioned this because manipulating my powerbook UI with the content I found on resexcellence caused me to pursue developing neat little applications. In a sense, I owe resexcellence a “thank you” for the spark it gave me and I cant wait to see what improvements have been made when it returns.

    Do the job right the first time, but by all means, hurry, hurry.

  5. David Snyder on

    I miss Resexcellence. Everytime i got to the site all i see is the Title resexcellence. Are place of GUI Candy seems gone forever. I have been going to the site since it was a collection of really small Desktop pictures and OS 8 GUI Stuff . When every mother’s son was still downloading Aranon. Crazy i hope if anything they perserve all the old content. You will never see it again. It is history. I know i want it perserved. If there will be an ending preserve the history of it.


  6. Alessia on

    I miss ResExcellence too. I didn’t even realize what was going on because I was pretty much gone all summer… And I’m really sad 😦
    Does anybody know what happened to it?

  7. Ty on

    Some times the simple things in life are the best. Being able to see an old familiar face is a comforting sign. I always think that if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I knew that when I went to the site it was there and I could enjoy it’s simple design. I do like the message that has been left there. It sounds positive. I look forward to res blessing us with its presence again. Think Simple. We don’t need complex design.

  8. christo on

    I am so sorry for all the extremely bad things that have been said in the guest postings of the site before it went off line. There is absolutely no reason for any of it. It is anawesome responsibilty to do the site everyday and have something new for us everytime we come to it.
    It has also been my first place to go to since in inseption. I miss it. And can’t wait for it to come back.
    Good luck to you and can’t wait to see the new site!!!

  9. Mercury Glitch on

    The site no longer redirects, nor is resexcellence.com registered anymore.

    What has become of it? Is this just the next step in its release, or demise?

    I miss it.

  10. ResXhacker on

    Resexcellence is’nt dead yet, but its got one hell of a low pulse. The site is no longer registered, but a little ResEdit icon appears when you access the site. Either this is a sign of a quick and quiet death, or a complete comeback just waiting.

  11. I told you so... on

    The interesting things were dissolved that made ResX really cool and were eliminated like the download statistics that were fun to track.


    Replaced by nothing. Those of us who made the styles, splash screens, icons, boot panels like to track them, its fun and very informative for future projects.


    The simple guest forum tree.


    The few flame wars caused such a stir that they made it required to sign up to post in the forum. Then after enough bitching they reinstated the guest post function in a single room with and a handful of Barney Fyfe mods.


    The goodie full page view.

    Replaced by single set view which make browsing for anything FREAKING annoying and eternal because there is no search or broad view function.


    ResX was awseome and will come back I’m sure although anyone paying attention could see this was coming…

    By the way Scott, as per our conversations 2 years ago about this very topic, I told you so…

  12. MysticPanda on

    Resexcellence is back – i loved this site and in the old days i used to contribute a lot of desktops i am gonna start posting some of the old stuff that i have – please take a look here: http://www.resexcellence.ning.com

    peace out,


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