Why Nintendo Wii will come out on top.

I am a cheap person. I want to know that the money I spend isn’t going in the toilet. I like to get the most bang for my buck. I don’t always buy the cheapest thing I find, many times you get what you pay for.

Nintendo is going to hit the nail on the head with the Wii. Someone is finally putting the fun back into console gaming.

As a teen in the 80’s I remember how much fun and excitement I had going to the arcade. For those of you who don’t remember or are to young to remember. An arcade is a place where you can play video games. Usually located somewhere in the mall often close to the movie theater. Usually they were dimly lit, if there were any light turned on at all, other than the ambient light coming from the games themselves.

Pizza joints were also a common place to find arcade games. Not quite having the atmosphere of the arcades, but good for a quick gaming fix.

What the older consoles at the time gave us was a place game when going to the arcade wasn’t an option. Sure the graphics weren’t nearly as good as the arcade versions and the machines alone cost as much as current gaming consoles. What the did was bring the fun into the living room or where ever your parents set it up.

Yea we even had console envy from the begining. The Atari 2600 was first on the block. Then the Colecovision arrived and holy crap did the graphics look like I was playing in front of the upright cabinets I had to put my hard earned quarters into. It’s been that way from the begining.

Now someone is finally going to bring the fun back. The feature list of the Wii stomps the other consoles hands down.

  1. GameCube compatability-I didn’t buy one cause I’m cheap, now I can play all the games.
  2. Virtual Console-N64, Snes, NES, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx, and Homebrew games. This will be the crowning glory of the Wii.
  3. The Controler-All other consoles are now scrambling to add motion sensors to their controllers. Wii will blow them all away. First out of the gate with developers on board, bye bye 360 and PS3.

The graphics may be a little behind the others but there will be so much other stuff going on, this will be the only complaint. Some software developers might not get the controler to work great the first time. There will always be someone who says “The controls are to hard.”

Nintendo has it’s game on. The others might as well sit back and start watching.



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  1. Rosa White on

    This is just something I heard and it sounds like the graphics with be pretty good because they are getting devoloped with ATI and they do graphics on computers.

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