What’s going on here.

There really isn’t a whole lot going on here. I haven’t posted in a while and I really need to find the time to. I like to have stuff out there for anyone to read and even possibly enjoy. I’ve had some crap on my mind lately that keeps me from using my limited free time here. My job is in potential jeopardy , I work at a newspaper. Cuts all over the place and no one knows were the next axe will fall.

I have been given a computer by a co-worker that I have some ideas kicking around. I want to get into some linux and Ubuntu seems like the obvious choice for the newbie. It has integrated graphics and no possability of upgrading it. The main things I would like to use it for is a media PC. I can’t use it to record an incomming TV signal, but using BitTorrent as a downloader and using it as a delayed media center sounds perfect. If I can find a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse the wife might actually go for it. Having a nice rom collection and using all the available emulators is a no brainer for me. Getting my music collection onto it and having Pandora available would be friggin awsome.

Which would get me motivated to build the speakers that I’ve always wanted to try. If this all happens I will try my best to keep some nice documentation here for all to enjoy.

If anyone knows of a cheap (I mean really cheap) way to convert a VGA signal to something my not-so-new TV can handle please comment here.



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