Resexcellence things to come?

I’ve been getting more comments here on the Resexcellence post that I did on my previous site. Bummer, but interesting.

I went to the site yesterday and found it redirected to Scott Chitwoods site Which is nice to know the place seems to be back in good hands. I’m pretty sure Scott handed off the site because of the amount of time it took to keep the place running the way the community wanted it to.

I don’t know what will become of the site. I’ll probably drop Scott a line just to see what’s up and keep anyone interested posted.


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  1. Alan on

    THANK THE GODS ! Scott is back at the helm it seems. His latest note from Rampant-Mac hints of a return of the premier Apple GUI site in the Universe. And all is well. To lose a site of such history and, as importantly, a place where we have all gone for ears to while away time just looking for new things to use to torture our beloved machines that has provided the best of the best would have been a great loss. For whatever reason the site failed, I know have the confidence in Scott’s return that indeed, all will return in it’s glory.

    Now, having said all these kind, soppy words: Back to work Chitwood, You set the bar high, and YOU are the only one who can reach it again. The entirte community eagerly awaits ResEx’s return, master. Then we see if you can keep that peeble out of our grasp.


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