DIY eBook Reader

Pretty much all I’ve found on the DIY ebook searches is using an old laptop turned on it’s side for reading.

Sounds expensive and bulky.

VIA Nano motherboards are perfect. Not over/under powered, many features built on the board and friggin tiny. All that’s left add a screen, memorey (HD) and a battery.

Finding a cheap enough monitor might be the biggest problem. You want something small enough to be portable but large enough for reading. Most 7″ screens should work out just right, finding one that’s cheap and touch screen could be the problem.

Being that it’s a regular computer inside any ebook format shouldn’t be a problem. PDF, CBZ, CBR, CHM, HTML, DJVU, TXT, any format that has a program to read it with should be easily added to it.

I would skip an optical drive just to save space and costs.

Maybe something that someone will be inspired to build or just a place holder for me for another time.


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