World of Warcraft and Me

In the near future I will start playing World of Warcraft again. I must finish the bathroom first, so that will be about 3 months or so.

My only character is a level 18 Hunter Erniestar. Yea pretty sad, but I still love the game even though I haven’t played for 10 months.

A question was brought up on the Instance podcast about lowbie videos and they didn’t know any place that hosted any besides BRK.

This sounds exactly like what I want to do. I don’t currently have a computer that will handle Wrath of the Lich King, according the the recommend system requirements. Leveling characters and making how-to videos sounds like a lot of fun. This will also allow me to level up professions with my characters, which is something that I thought sounded very cool. I kind of obsess about professions and all sorts of WoW stuff even though I don’t play right now.

I will be setting up the race/class combination and the professions that each will have, should be fun.


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