TV shopping and MythTV

Right now we are TV shopping for the holidays. From most of what I’ve read we’re looking at a 40″-42″, 720p resolution for our needs and budget. All of our current gaming is done on a Wii and I probably won’t be getting a PS3 for a about a year. Our chosen size means we won’t see a big leap in going up to 1080 in resulution and so far the jury is out on 120hz.

Along with the new TV is a much needed HTPC (Home Theater PC)

List of components that it will need:

  • Motherboard w/ dual core 2gz min processor
  • 2 gig minimum ram
  • 2×500 gig quiet hard drives
  • OTA HD capture card
  • SD cable capture card
  • nvidia 8×00 video card b/c of new pure video under linux
  • DVD burner
  • nice looking case
  • wireless keyboard and mouse
  • remote
  • quiet power  supply
  • quiet fans

I think this should about do it.

What this will let me do:

  • record OTA HD shows
  • record standard cable tv
  • and watch at the same time
  • hold complete music library
  • download torrents
  • back-up for other computer
  • gaming emulation
  • play World of Warcraft
  • browse the internet
  • watch youtube and hulu type sites
  • and probably some other stuff I can’t think of right now

We’ll see if this is where I want to begin or if I should start smaller first.


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