No more HDTV for me

After some talking about the TV we would be shopping for and all of the other details involved, I think we’re scrapping the big TV purchase for now.

My better half didn’t realize that just plugging in a newer, bigger, high def tv doesn’t give you a bigger HD picture. You have to upgrade your cable or add other stuff like antennas and maybe some other hardware. So it looks like no 42″ plasma for me in the near future.

But I have been thinking about the MythTV computer and would still like to move forward with that only at a  smaller Standard Definition cable scale.

I have a doner computer  that my dad gave me, it’s a little on the low end, but should do well  for something like this.

Parts needed:

  • capture card $40
  • graphics card $40
  • ram $40
  • larger hard drive $60
  • ethernet card $15

total around $200

I think I could get this down with some careful ebay shopping.


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