Revised WoW characters

After a little thinking about my characters I think I’m going to shrink the ones I’ll be using first.

My daughter and I use he same account currently, so I would be taking most of the slots on the server we currently play on.

The revised list currently seems like:

  • shaman–draenei–herbalism/skinning
  • priest–human–mining/skinning
  • paladin–dwarf–mining/skinning

I’m probaly going to hit up a Death Knight once I hit 55 on a character. They sure do look like fun.

Profession wise I’m sticking with a dual gathering just to make some gold. I may make  some adjustments to that idea, because I really like the idea of making stuff for my characters. But being gold poor doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

I may roll the rest of the character on another realm, possibly Earthin Ring and try to get in the AIE guild. That would be fun.

  • druid-tauren
  • mage-blood elf
  • rogue-orc
  • warlock-undead
  • warrior-troll

Most likely go dual gathering for a  while on these characters the maybe level some crafting professions at level 40 or so who knows.


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  1. World of Warcraft on

    go dual gathering till end game, you’ll be richer no doubt.

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