The Best way to Collect the Internet?

I’m a bit of an internet pack rat and there is an aweful lot stuff web that I want to keep.

I started by collecting bookmarks, I still have thousands of them in my delicious account. It seemed like the best way to keep stuff at the time. Hard drives were a little expensive for all the documents and information I wanted to keep. I would dowload a lot of stuff and burn them to CD’s, that way I wouldn’t have to delete something I may need later.

I would eventually move to burning things to DVD’s, but there was still one problem.

It would take forever to find something when I needed it. There are cataloging programs that would keep track of things on disks, but it still need organization and space for all that crap.

Now Hard drive space is cheap and cloud storage is all over the place. So it’s time to figure out how to collect again.

I’ll be posting about the services, software and hardware the I use. I’ll also be trying out new things as I see them and give my 2 cents.


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