So Much Hacking So Little Time

It’s very diffucult to have so many ideas floating in my head and finding the time to do any of them.

I could come up with as many excuses as the next person on why I don’t have the time. Family, Work, Home ownership and having a little bit of down time before bed pretty much take up the entire week day. Weekends are pretty much the same, but with out the “work” part.

There are things I’ve literally wanted to do for years. Build a diy projector, create junk bots, write some short stories, learn the guitar, become a better artist, take more pictures, camera hacking.

I think it’s time to prioritize some of these things.

First thing publish this post that’s been setting in progress for 3 days and get some shit organized.

Finish the bathroom remodel this week and the GSD (Get Shit Done)


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