Lets get this Focus thing take care of

Well not to sound like a broken record, but it’s time to focus.

I need to just figure out what I want to do first and just friggin do it.

  • I like to take pictures.
  • I need to work out.
  • I want to write more.
  • I want to draw more.
  • I want to learn the guitar.
  • I need to finish things around the house.
  • I have daily things that need to get done at home.
  • I want to play video games.
  • I want to be creative.

I finished my first camera flash mod, so one of the things I needed to start experimenting more with photography is done. So I guess I should start taking more pictures first. I want to purchase more flashes to mod, for even more experimenting.

But should I just be content with on flash?

I have the Tough Mudder comming up in April, that I need to do more training for. I don’t want to get my ass kicked to much, so I need to start fitting that in more regularly. Also so I can live a longer , healtier life.

Writing I can get done just about any time, I just have to Friggin do it.

Drawing I can do on my iPad or sketch book, also just about any time.

House work, that shit just needs to get done.

Finishing house projects, I need to set some time everycouple days to get that gone.

Sadly everything else is just going to have to wait. I wish there were more hours in the day, but that ain’t going to happen.


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