My Bad Habit

I have a habit is a bit good, but probably mostly bad.

I like to reasearch stuff.

Usually whatever happens to pop into my brain at the moment. I could spend 45 minutes or more looking up hot shoe cords for a camera flash. If there weren’t so many options and opinions, my research wouldn’t take so long.

The main problem is I have to much crap popping into my brain all the time. I try to write shit down and get out of my brain, ala GTD, but I usually end up writing a lot of stuff down and then not getting to it later.

I spend way to much time trying to streamline my thought processes. How can I use technology to my advantage. It usually winds up taking more time figuring out how to make things easier and never really cutting down the time is spend looking stuff up.

I really need to focus on Getting Things Done at home. And figuring out how to make technology work for me.


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