One App to Rule Them All

Not bloody likely.

Just like there is no “One Website to Rule Them All”.

One of my issues is I’m not online all the time. I don’t have a “Smart” phone so I don’t have internet access whenever I want. I think that would make these decisions a lot easier, since I could just access a website where ever I was. Be that at a computer or on my phone. 

I’m trying to figure out how to organize my life, time and interests.

I do have an app or 2 that work very well together and I use all the time.

Google Reader and the Reeder app for the iPad and iPod Touch.

If everything I needed worked as well as this combo I would be set.

Now here is one of my problems, I’m a cheap ass. I don’t like to pay for stuff if I don’t have to. If there is a free app that does what I need it to, that’s what I’ll use. I should probably look into paid apps that do more and do it better. I really don’t like having monthly bills, maybe an annual bill, but $5 a month for premium access to a website sounds steep, even $60 a year is a bit much to swallow. I think $30 and under is a sweet spot for premium website access for me.

2 apps the I need to find are a bookmarking and calendar app.

Ideally I would like my bookmarking and calendar app to sync between my iPad , iPod Touch and a website.

Now the search begins


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