Got my Pi

Well my Raspberry Pi came in the mail last week. Just like everyone says, “It’s so small”.

I’m very excited to hook it up to my camera and get some time lapse going. I’m trying to resist the urge to by a bunch of stuff, to get started even though I don’t need hardly anything else to get things going.

First things first I’ll try to use a Ubuntu Virtualbox and attach the camera to my home computer and test the functions that way. I need to go through some boxes to find a plug for my camera so I don’t need to keep recharging batteries.

Not much going on with my drawing ever day. I did a couple sketches for some of the time lapse stuff I want to do, so I guess that’s something. I need to start taking some pictures soon.

Time to start getting back into shape, not that I was ever in much shape to begin with.

That’s all for now.


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