First taste of Pi

Got my Raspberry Pi up and running the other night. Didn’t do much other than make sure the wifi adapter works, go through some of the config stuff, and install gPhoto2.

Need to get things on the hardware side organized. Keyboard, mouse, HDMI cord, power adapter, and all the stuff for the camera can be a little bit to get ready just to play around.

I think once I get SSH and VNC set up I can use my iPod Touch and iPad to control the Pi.

Most of yesterday was spent getting VirtualBox, Ubuntu, and my Canon Powershot A510 hooked up to my work computer and begin experimenting with that. I’m so glad there are smarter people on the internet that can answer questions. Usually someone as already asked and answered it somewhere. Thank You.

Took a small 10 sec time lapse video yesterday just to see if it would do what I want it to and it worked perfect. Time to really get this video learning thing going.


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