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Put the “Oatmeal Cranberry Ale” into bottles saturday morning.


Give it another week or so and pack it up to ship to chicago. Then drink the rest.


My Longshot Homebrew update.

I racked the “Oatmeal Cranberry Stout” to the secondary on Friday. I didn’t turn out as dark as I had thought it would. Will probably enter it in the “Fruit Beer” catagory anyway. Fermentation kicked in a little bit again. I can’t remember if that has happened in the secondary for me yet or now. I’ll just wait until this friday to bottle it and give a little taste.

Here I am–For Now

I’ve taken Erniesthings off line and canceled my account. So here I sit all broken hearted.
I’ve decided to enter the Longshot Homebrew contest that Sam Adams is putting on this year. I haven’t done any homebrew for a while and I accually didn’t even know anything about the contest until it was passed onto me from a friend.

I have a Cranberry Oatmeal Stout that I’m going to rack to the the secondary tonight. I read another post about the rules that say they’ll own the rights to my everything even if I don’t win, but “Oh Well”, it should be fun.

For the next brew I’ll be doing a porter with some leftover ingredients from a kit I bought. After that I want to do a Dead Guy Ale clone. One friggin awsome beer if you haven’t had the chance.

It might not be so bad here after all. At least I’ll still have a place to write crap that’s in my head down.

See Ya.