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What to do, What to do.

I’ve been bitten by the bootleg bug again. I love going to and getting shows. Yea it’s slow sometimes, but there’s more there than one person can listen to in a life time. I found a Pearl Jam Bootleg site with a crap load of good shows to download. There are comments that sharing mp3 files of shows are doing the community harm. If you’re downloading the show and just listening to it and not trading the show or re-encoding it, I say no harm done.

I remember getting my first boots off of Hotline about 10 years ago. Man were they awesome and kind of crappy at the same time. Maybe this will motivate others to get better quality shows or just to listen to something new. So I’ll take the heat from people posting negative comments about sharing lossy bootlegs.

That said there should be more to come here in the coming days.