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No more HDTV for me

After some talking about the TV we would be shopping for and all of the other details involved, I think we’re scrapping the big TV purchase for now.

My better half didn’t realize that just plugging in a newer, bigger, high def tv doesn’t give you a bigger HD picture. You have to upgrade your cable or add other stuff like antennas and maybe some other hardware. So it looks like no 42″ plasma for me in the near future.

But I have been thinking about the MythTV computer and would still like to move forward with that only at a  smaller Standard Definition cable scale.

I have a doner computer  that my dad gave me, it’s a little on the low end, but should do well  for something like this.

Parts needed:

  • capture card $40
  • graphics card $40
  • ram $40
  • larger hard drive $60
  • ethernet card $15

total around $200

I think I could get this down with some careful ebay shopping.


TV shopping and MythTV

Right now we are TV shopping for the holidays. From most of what I’ve read we’re looking at a 40″-42″, 720p resolution for our needs and budget. All of our current gaming is done on a Wii and I probably won’t be getting a PS3 for a about a year. Our chosen size means we won’t see a big leap in going up to 1080 in resulution and so far the jury is out on 120hz.

Along with the new TV is a much needed HTPC (Home Theater PC)

List of components that it will need:

  • Motherboard w/ dual core 2gz min processor
  • 2 gig minimum ram
  • 2×500 gig quiet hard drives
  • OTA HD capture card
  • SD cable capture card
  • nvidia 8×00 video card b/c of new pure video under linux
  • DVD burner
  • nice looking case
  • wireless keyboard and mouse
  • remote
  • quiet power  supply
  • quiet fans

I think this should about do it.

What this will let me do:

  • record OTA HD shows
  • record standard cable tv
  • and watch at the same time
  • hold complete music library
  • download torrents
  • back-up for other computer
  • gaming emulation
  • play World of Warcraft
  • browse the internet
  • watch youtube and hulu type sites
  • and probably some other stuff I can’t think of right now

We’ll see if this is where I want to begin or if I should start smaller first.