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Resexcellence things to come?

I’ve been getting more comments here on the Resexcellence post that I did on my previous site. Bummer, but interesting.

I went to the site yesterday and found it redirected to Scott Chitwoods site Which is nice to know the place seems to be back in good hands. I’m pretty sure Scott handed off the site because of the amount of time it took to keep the place running the way the community wanted it to.

I don’t know what will become of the site. I’ll probably drop Scott a line just to see what’s up and keep anyone interested posted.


I miss ResExcellence

At one time around 1998 until a few months ago, ResExcellence was the first site I would view everyday. The content was great, customize your Mac experience. Make it your own. Desktop pictures, Kaleidoscope schemes, 8.5 themes, and all sorts of software to allow you to do what you want with your machine.

The site has changed hands a couple of times since then. The last exchange seemed like it was heading in the right direction, and still does. Time (or lack of) has taken it’s tole on the Site Administrators. They’ve laid a great foundation for what can again be a daily routine for us again. Taking a static site and changing it to a dynamic CMS system doesn’t sound like an easy task. Thanks for getting things under way. I will probably start posting to the site once I get up and running again.

I really miss “the good old days” of ResExcellence. Here’s hoping they make a come back.