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What Ernie will be blogging about

I think like most blogs I’ll be just talking about what I’m going and hopefully some people will have the same interests as me. I’m not really expecting some great following, but that would be great.

I have 315 feeds (which could get trimmed back some) in my Google Reader right now and I hope to use them as inspiration for this blog.

2 things that this site will never have are optrousive ads and a snip-it feed.

I think that the future of web communication and reading will be through the use of feeds and RSS readers. I do almost all of my reading through Google Reader and I can’t stand having “read more” posts. I usually preview a new feed before keeping it to see if it is a full post feed or not. Reading a snip-it and then having to visit a site to read the rest is a waste of time. Sure some sites have ads to help keep the site going, but people who use feed readers are not ad clickers.

OK that was a tangent from the title.

I’m a DIYer, part time gamer, father, husband, home owner, motorcyclist, wanna be designer, pack rat (crap hound), geek, cheap ass, gardener, sort of born again tree hugger, compulsive downloader, learning digital painter, urban engineer, inventor, modder, idea man, and I was even called a hacker once, but the IT guy I think miss-spoke a little.

These are some of the subject you’ll read about.

Once the bathroom remodel is completed (DIY concrete counters and all) we will have World of Warcraft to ad to the list and maybe a podcast to.


That Didn’t Work

Something about is stripping out the flash embedded content that I’m assuming shows what the picture looks like. So I guess I’ll give Flickr a try.

Here I am–For Now

I’ve taken Erniesthings off line and canceled my account. So here I sit all broken hearted.
I’ve decided to enter the Longshot Homebrew contest that Sam Adams is putting on this year. I haven’t done any homebrew for a while and I accually didn’t even know anything about the contest until it was passed onto me from a friend.

I have a Cranberry Oatmeal Stout that I’m going to rack to the the secondary tonight. I read another post about the rules that say they’ll own the rights to my everything even if I don’t win, but “Oh Well”, it should be fun.

For the next brew I’ll be doing a porter with some leftover ingredients from a kit I bought. After that I want to do a Dead Guy Ale clone. One friggin awsome beer if you haven’t had the chance.

It might not be so bad here after all. At least I’ll still have a place to write crap that’s in my head down.

See Ya.

I really don’t want to be here.

I’ve only posted once here (not including this post) and I already think this place sucks. I would just like to make my stay here a little easier, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

No Markdown. I really miss the ease of this plugin.

No Simple Tags. Greating Technorati tags has now become a pain in the ass.

No Plogger. An easy gallery to maintain and set up. I just want to have my stuff at my place.

I can’t even go in and change the graphic on my header to make it look less cookie cutter.

This is sucking bad. I hope to get things rolling with the old place soon.

Maybe I’ll start writing about beer brewing and some other crap I did really want to talk about on the old site.

All for now.

This the place to be.

For this will be my new hang out. I hope it doesn’t last to long.

From what I’ve read, it looks like I might have to wait 60 days to rehost at Dreamhost. I was hoping for 2 weeks or so. Oh well.

I’ll post here and there just to keep things moving on updates. Like anyone really cares.