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Revised WoW characters

After a little thinking about my characters I think I’m going to shrink the ones I’ll be using first.

My daughter and I use he same account currently, so I would be taking most of the slots on the server we currently play on.

The revised list currently seems like:

  • shaman–draenei–herbalism/skinning
  • priest–human–mining/skinning
  • paladin–dwarf–mining/skinning

I’m probaly going to hit up a Death Knight once I hit 55 on a character. They sure do look like fun.

Profession wise I’m sticking with a dual gathering just to make some gold. I may make  some adjustments to that idea, because I really like the idea of making stuff for my characters. But being gold poor doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

I may roll the rest of the character on another realm, possibly Earthin Ring and try to get in the AIE guild. That would be fun.

  • druid-tauren
  • mage-blood elf
  • rogue-orc
  • warlock-undead
  • warrior-troll

Most likely go dual gathering for a  while on these characters the maybe level some crafting professions at level 40 or so who knows.


Planning World of Warcraft Characters

In my previous post I said I would be leveling all classes at the same time in order to learn about each one and produce a series of How-To videos for each. I’m also planning on getting in on this podcast thing.

So here are my planned Class–Race–Profession combination.

  • shaman–draenei–herbalism/skinning
  • druid–night elf–skinning/leatherworking
  • priest–night elf–herbalism/alchemy
  • rogue–gnome–mining/engineering
  • warrior–draenei–mining/blacksmithing
  • mage–human–herbalism/inscription
  • warlock–human–tailoring/enchanting
  • paladin–dwarf–mining/jewel crafting
  • hunter–dwarf–mining/skinning

The last combination is currently my only toon, he’s only level 18 and I also don’t plan on doing any Hunter related videos there are already plenty on Big Red Kitty.

I’m going to level my hunter up first so I have enough money to set up the characters with a good set of bags from the start. Once that’s done, the plan is to rotate each one in and out of the Inns for extra rested XP. There should be enough gathering all around to send to each characters crafting profession with out any problems.

With my limited play time that I forsee, it will take quite a while to get all these characters leveled up, but it will be a heck of a lot of fun.

World of Warcraft and Me

In the near future I will start playing World of Warcraft again. I must finish the bathroom first, so that will be about 3 months or so.

My only character is a level 18 Hunter Erniestar. Yea pretty sad, but I still love the game even though I haven’t played for 10 months.

A question was brought up on the Instance podcast about lowbie videos and they didn’t know any place that hosted any besides BRK.

This sounds exactly like what I want to do. I don’t currently have a computer that will handle Wrath of the Lich King, according the the recommend system requirements. Leveling characters and making how-to videos sounds like a lot of fun. This will also allow me to level up professions with my characters, which is something that I thought sounded very cool. I kind of obsess about professions and all sorts of WoW stuff even though I don’t play right now.

I will be setting up the race/class combination and the professions that each will have, should be fun.