One Raspberry Pi to Rule Them All

I beginning to think that I would only need to buy 1 Raspberry Pi to serve many uses.

I’m thinking if I built a multi-use enclosure for the Raspberry Pi, I could take it to my car, HDTV, concerts, or where ever I needed.

To have it so it would serve it’s specialty purposes, I would by an SD Card for each use.

Depending on the the function I may not need a large capacity card or maybe one large card for certain uses.

If I had various perferials for each use it would make one piece of computer hardware very versatile.

  • Microphones and pre-amp for recording.
  • Game controlers for Mame on the big screen.
  • GPS and a small screen for Geo-Caching.

A lot of possabilities for one device.


Lets get this Focus thing take care of

Well not to sound like a broken record, but it’s time to focus.

I need to just figure out what I want to do first and just friggin do it.

  • I like to take pictures.
  • I need to work out.
  • I want to write more.
  • I want to draw more.
  • I want to learn the guitar.
  • I need to finish things around the house.
  • I have daily things that need to get done at home.
  • I want to play video games.
  • I want to be creative.

I finished my first camera flash mod, so one of the things I needed to start experimenting more with photography is done. So I guess I should start taking more pictures first. I want to purchase more flashes to mod, for even more experimenting.

But should I just be content with on flash?

I have the Tough Mudder comming up in April, that I need to do more training for. I don’t want to get my ass kicked to much, so I need to start fitting that in more regularly. Also so I can live a longer , healtier life.

Writing I can get done just about any time, I just have to Friggin do it.

Drawing I can do on my iPad or sketch book, also just about any time.

House work, that shit just needs to get done.

Finishing house projects, I need to set some time everycouple days to get that gone.

Sadly everything else is just going to have to wait. I wish there were more hours in the day, but that ain’t going to happen.

Mmmm Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi really has my brain working.

There have been a lot of small specialty or do it all computer ideas that I’ve had floating around for some time. I have a lot of DIY ideas, but also want to do them as cheap as possible.

One thing that I’ve been wanting to buy, for quite some time is a audio player/recorder.

Nothing I’ve found seems to fit my bill and my budget. I know I can buy 2 different devices and they will both work just fine, but I don’t want to carry around 2 more things, when I think 1 should be just fine.

Because the Raspberry Pi will run Linux and hopefully a good number of software packages, I think I’ll finally be able to build the player/recorder I’ve been looking for.

I’m Doing it Again

I find my-self spending way too much time fucking around on the internet. It ususlly starts with one link leading to another. One idea, turns into a google search that leads to over an hour of reading and doing nothing really productive.

I learn a lot, but never really accomplish much.

This particular lost hour came from an ebay auction that was going to end later in the day. I looked up a particular old lens for my camera, found out it needed to be modified so it wouldn’t damage my camera. There are DIY options, some people that will modify the lenses (for a price) and possibally some old conversion kits available.

All that turned into less work being done and not really accomplishing any of the other things I would like to do.

At least I stopped to write about it, that’s one thing I’m trying to do more often.

To Many Applications

I use a lot of different devices for a lot of different things and also for a lot of the same things.

I have a PC at work, a PC at home, an iBook that my wife uses, and iPad and an iPod Touch.

I read, design, collect, surf, browse, create, write, edit and do all sorts of other crap on them. I can do all of those things on any of them, but jumping between them is kind of a pain in the ass.

For reading I use Google Reader. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve been using it for a long time. I’ve added, trimmed and organized my feeds and I use it everyday, multiple times a day. I can use it on any computer without any problems.

When I got an iPod Touch last summer one of the first and most used apps I purchased was Reeder, it syncs with Google Reader and grabs feeds and photos to use offline, so I can have my Google Reader just about any where at anytime.

When I got an iPad for Christmas, Reeder was also one of the first apps I purchased. Computer at home or work, iPad on the couch, or iPod Touch in my pocket, Googler Reader and all the crap I read and check up on daily can be with me. The apps and service work very well together and one always picks up where the other leaves off.

My goal now is how to do this with everything else that I do on these devices.

So Much Hacking So Little Time

It’s very diffucult to have so many ideas floating in my head and finding the time to do any of them.

I could come up with as many excuses as the next person on why I don’t have the time. Family, Work, Home ownership and having a little bit of down time before bed pretty much take up the entire week day. Weekends are pretty much the same, but with out the “work” part.

There are things I’ve literally wanted to do for years. Build a diy projector, create junk bots, write some short stories, learn the guitar, become a better artist, take more pictures, camera hacking.

I think it’s time to prioritize some of these things.

First thing publish this post that’s been setting in progress for 3 days and get some shit organized.

Finish the bathroom remodel this week and the GSD (Get Shit Done)

The Best way to Collect the Internet?

I’m a bit of an internet pack rat and there is an aweful lot stuff web that I want to keep.

I started by collecting bookmarks, I still have thousands of them in my delicious account. It seemed like the best way to keep stuff at the time. Hard drives were a little expensive for all the documents and information I wanted to keep. I would dowload a lot of stuff and burn them to CD’s, that way I wouldn’t have to delete something I may need later.

I would eventually move to burning things to DVD’s, but there was still one problem.

It would take forever to find something when I needed it. There are cataloging programs that would keep track of things on disks, but it still need organization and space for all that crap.

Now Hard drive space is cheap and cloud storage is all over the place. So it’s time to figure out how to collect again.

I’ll be posting about the services, software and hardware the I use. I’ll also be trying out new things as I see them and give my 2 cents.

Project 366

So far I’m a little dissapointed in my Project 366. It’s mostly finding the time to take that picture, process it, upload  and write about it.

I missed January 1st, I was way to hung over to get off the couch for most of the day.

I took a couple shots on the 2nd and 3rd, but they weren’t anything great.

I need to just take the camera everywhere, instead of trying to find out what to buy next to help me take better pictures. Purchasing more stuff isn’t going to make me a better photographer, but taking more pictures will.

Tonight I will have my camera with me more than usuall.

We’ll see what happens.

Force Myself to Write Something

Writing has always been a struggle for me. I pour over every word, reading it back to myself. I take way to long to from a sentence before I actually type the words. I constantly go back an delete and rewrite, before I even finish a complete thought.

Maybe because my mind is always wandering from one thing to another, my ability to stick to one thought long enough to write in down is my problem?

Most of my writing turns into some sort of stream of consciousness, that I need to read three times over for it to make sence.

I guess what I’m trying to do here is write more often, so that I can get better and more confident at it.

Things are going to change, I can feel it.

So here I go again.

This blogging thing seems to start with the greatest intentions, but usually stops after a post or 2.

This year I’m going to try a Project 365 and post the pick each day. I hope it will also get me posting about other things that are on my mind.

I do have a number of DIY projects that I also hope write about.


So here’s to a very creative 2012